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The parliament[1]

[Posted on : 2011-08-07 by William] The legislature in Austria is bicameral. The parliament consists of two chambers: National Council (the lower house), its members elected by direct popular vote to serve four-year terms, and Federal Council (the upper house) with its members elected by provincial parliaments to serve five- or six-year terms. President can dissolve the National Council on recommendation of the Chancellor. The Federal Council only reviews legislation passed by the National Council and can delay but not veto its enactment. Most authority, including that of the police, rests with the federal government, but the states have considerable responsibility for welfare matters and local administration.
The major political parties in the country are: OVP (the conservative Peoples Party), SPO (Social Democratic Party), FPO (the right-wing Freedom Party), and the Greens.
OVP finds support from farmers, large and small business owners and some Catholic groups, mostly in the rural regions of Austria; while as the SPO traditionally draws its constituency from blue- and white-collar workers.
Presidential election: April 2016
National Council election: 2013

About Austria[2]

[Posted on : 2011-08-07 by Peter Noris] Austria is a federation made up of nine federal provinces. The federal capital city, Vienna, is also one of the nine federal provinces in its own right. Each of the nine provinces is led by a provincial government, headed by a Governor.
Austria is currently ruled by a grand coalition of the Social Democrats and the Peoples Party (2009). In line with the constitution, the next general election is due in 2013.

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