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A parliamentary election was held in Iceland on 25 April 2009 following strong pressure from the pu[1]

[Posted on : 2011-08-25 by John Smith] A parliamentary election was held in Iceland on 25 April 2009 following strong pressure from the public as a result of the Icelandic financial crisis. The Social Democratic Alliance and the Left-Green Movement, which formed the outgoing coalition government under Prime Minister Jˇhanna Sigur­ardˇttir, both made gains and now together have an overall majority of seats in the Althing (Icelands parliament). The Progressive Party also made gains, and the new Citizens Movement, formed after the January 2009 protests, gained four seats. The big loser was the Independence Party, which had been in power for 18 years until January 2009: it lost a third of its support and nine seats in the Althing.

General (Parliamentary) elections[2]

[Posted on : 2011-08-25 by Marry] In Iceland next general (Parliamentary) elections will be held according to schedule in the spring of 2013 if the current fragile center-left coalition government will hold onto power until then. The next government to take power in Iceland is likely to be either a coalition between the Independence Party and the Progressive Party or to involve at least one of the two parties.
According to the latest public opinion polls in Iceland the vast majority of Icelanders both oppose joining the EU and wants to withdraw the application. For over two years now all opinion polls have shown a majority against EU membership.

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