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By :Ahmad

In compliance with Law Number 25 dated 10/8/2008 promulgated in Number 41 of the official Lebanese Gazette dated 10/09/2008, in particular article number 106, the Lebanese Embassy calls upon all Lebanese citizens residing in the United States of America who wish to cast their vote in the upcoming Lebanese Parliamentary elections in 2013 to proceed as follows:
“For those willing to vote in the U.S., they should register their names by appearing in person* at the Lebanese Embassy in Washington or at one of the the Lebanese Consulates in the U.S (New York, Los Angeles, or Detroit), providing all required information related to their identity and number of civil registry.”
In order to qualify to vote, the listing procedure must be fulfilled by no later than December 31, 2012.
It is worth mentioning that there are two (2) approved identification documents that can be used to vote:
1. The national identity card (new edition)
2. A valid passport (either the burgundy or the new blue passport) [1]

References :

[1] - http://www.lebconsdet.org/

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