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ECPs advice to KP Govt[1]

[Posted on : 2014-01-18 by Sharif ud din] The acting chief of the Election Commission of Justice Nasirul Mulk meeting that the delimitation exercise was probably by the end of the month and the LG elections could be completed chaired end of March. An official said the impression Society Pakistan had three to four weeks required some nine million ballots for KP for printing. He said the KP government insisted could use the biometric system for verification of voter elections indefinitely delayed. He said that 50,000 electronic voting machines (EVM), each around RS30, 000, would be required. Most of the technical problems have been solved recently been identified in a pilot project in Peshawar in the EVM. The machine would require less than 30 seconds for checking the voters.

Why Local Bodies?

[Posted on : 2014-01-18 by Ansa Shamim] Financial performance is improved when the urban bodies exert defined control measures. Prudent financial control practices are useful for small and medium-sized city local institutions and especially for the city of local organizations in developing countries. City local institutions, as providers of urban services face the challenge of increasing demand (due to rapid growth of cities). Control procedures will help to accomplish this goal. City local institutions are in a better position to know when putting extra effort into generating revenue.

Why Local Bodies?

[Posted on : 2014-01-18 by Sharyar Ali Qureshi] Leadership development is the main goal. This is always promoted by the local agencies implementing various central and external support systems will be financed by the state, made the basic services and other services to the people. This is, I mean LocalBodies, mandatory for the prosperity of Pakistan!

New schedule for LB polls in Sindh, Punjab announced by ECP[2]

[Posted on : 2013-11-21 by Mujtaba Rasool] The new electoral calendar for the local elections in the Sindh and Punjab was announced at a meeting of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), Express News reported on Tuesday. The meeting was chaired by the Chief Election Commissioner Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jillani. Polling will take place on 18 January in Sindh and Punjab on January 30. The final list of candidates will be published on 26 December. In addition, the objections will be filed on January 14, and calls between 20 and 21 December . Applications will be monitored between December 15 and 19 according to the new calendar. Secretaries of all the provinces, secretaries greater head of the local administration, the federal secretaries of various ministries and national President Database and Registration Authority ( Nadra ) Tariq Malik were present at the meeting. The Printing Corporation of Pakistan ECP asked to change the date of the local elections of the body in the Punjab on February 19 because he needed more time to print ballots. This was rejected by the ECP.

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