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Reserved Seats in Baloshistan[1]

[Posted on : 2014-06-10 by Mumtaz Lakhani] A total of 2,332 women and 743 non-Muslim seats have been reserved for local councils throughout the province. Elected members from each local council in all districts serve as the electoral college for the elections on reserved seats. Under the Balochistan Local Government Act, four categories have been ascribed to reserved seats in each local council, namely women, peasants/workers, professional social workers and non-Muslims.

Balochistan councillors looking for purpose[2]

[Posted on : 2014-04-30 by Aurangzaib Khan] Since the local elections were held December 7 last year, residents of the area have become routine in port Barraich Idrees, Director. But Barraich, and many other representatives of local authorities, still waiting for a transfer of power. "It s like a child born out of wedlock: we have been chosen, but we have no legitimacy," says Barraich. "The councilors elected 7 December, the oath somewhere in the month of June will be after the elections to reserve seats [May 29, 2014], and the election of President and Vice President of the Local Government [has not yet announced the date, but it is likely to happen in the month of June.] in the middle, we have no authority or status. " While councilors accuse the bureaucracy and the provincial government for its reluctance to share power with local authorities, the delay in the transfer of skills, according to the Provincial Election Commission is due to vague electoral rules that require reviews to adapt to the system. The ambiguity of the rules - which some say has occurred because the province has been precipitated in the elections - has been an obstacle in the conduct of elections in a hurry. For starters, the provincial government wanted the elections on the basis of the party - which was not foreseen in the Law on Local Government of Balochistan, 2010 After a rapid change in the law in October 2013, elections were held on party basis -. With regard to the election authorities realize that clear rules for the election of reserving seats were not in place. In addition, the political parties in power wanted elections booking puts those conducted through open voting, while the electoral commission said that the secret ballot. "Aside from the fact that we want the rules are simple and easy to follow for the public, but also do not want to disputes and litigation that may lead to vague rules," says Sultan Bayazeed Provincial Electoral Commissioner. "Our task is to conduct the election, not develop standards. This is the job of the government and thats what took the time." Political parties want to model a system that is faithful to the Constitution of 1973, which covers the two-tier system of government, federal and provincial, encouraging governments to hold local elections. While the laws of the various local government introduced by the military governments have always tried to create substitutes for the parliamentary immunity, the political forces of the province are particularly critical of the Local Government Act 2001, passed under the military President Pervez Musharraf. "The powers of the Constitution gave the provinces were taken by the LG Act 2001," says Qadir Agha, a former Nazim and deputy secretary of the provincial party Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami, one of the three parts of the provincial government coalition. "Our struggle is to maintain their independence, especially after the 18th Amendment." Political forces have tended towards the Local Government Ordinance 1979 restores the system of commissioners, in contrast to the overall performance of the powers of the district governments under the law LG 2001. "It should make the elected district governments must exercise power as provided for LG Act 2001," said Nasrullah Barraich, executive director of the Center for Peace and Development, Balochistan. "In the current system, the powers are" delegated "to them instead of transferred. Commissioner may delegate the powers and remove anyone." Meanwhile, it is not the emotion that led to the provinces of Balochistan local elections. For a time, he says Kazim Niaz, Secretary of Local Government and Rural Development, Balochistan was "the engine, not the cart, which leads the rest of the country." "We have done the impossible possible," says Bayazeed. "And despite the enormity of the year, we made without incident."

FATA demands local government elections[3]

[Posted on : 2014-04-30 by Abdul Mutlib Mehsood] The clamor for elections to local governments in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA ) is growing in a region where a system of local government is non-existent or provincial level . A new research study from the FATA Research Centre (FRC ) entitled " Local Government in FATA , the failures of the past, current challenges and future prospects centenarians highlights the political vacuum in the region with poor governance and corruption has a gap between the state and society in this volatile tribal belt . The increasing exclusion of people in the political process , has created a sense of deprivation and frustration among the masses, the report said, and this disconnect was the reason that the Taliban were able to consolidate its position in the existing political system in FATA cut and killing tribal elders and maliks . The authors of the report Tuesday that FATA is referred to as a classic example of alienation and said that the region was operated with the remote control in an administrative and political vacuum . The report reflects the wishes of the people and their desire for political participation. Introducing the study, Sharafat Ali Choudhary said that people have the constitutional right to self-government and there is a project of the local government for the region in 2012. Legally , he said that there is no bar local elections , especially when parliamentary elections were held several times. Crimes Regulation la Frontera ( FCR ) is a draconian law that still works there and the power is exercised by powerful political agent , even today. Lieutenant General (retired) Abdul Qadir Baloch , Minister for States and the border region said that there are no two opinions that the elections of local governments should be in the FATA and he said the driver of the reforms should be the people themselves. Hitting the corrupt institution of the agent policy , also said Jinnah had given security to the people of FATA that would have a government of their choice. Senator Farhatullah Babar said the FATA region was a buffer zone before pressing strategic depth policy was now a strategic threat . The report shows how the FATA is governed differently from Pakistan with a special set of laws called FCR , 1901, which was a government top-down authoritarian and irresponsible . The first draft of the regulation of the local government was prepared in 2002 and a controlled form of limited participation in elections to be held in 2004. Another project of local government regulation has been prepared in 2012, but this has yet to be made into a law. It is spread over 27,220 km square and is home to a dozen or dozens of Pashtun tribes and sub- tribes and clans , this region is composed of seven administrative units called agencies and frontier regions small . Adult franchise was introduced in FATA in 1996, but the right of representation did not give him the right to legislate for the region. Pursuant to Article 247 of the Constitution FATA comes under the executive authority of the president. For the first time , people in FATA voted in a general election in 1997.

Role of Local Bodies[4]

[Posted on : 2014-04-20 by Tooba Shah] Municipal governments are usually administratively divided into several departments, depending on the size of the city. Though cities differ in the division of responsibility, the typical arrangement is to have the following departments handle the following roles: Urban planning/zoning Economic development/tourism Public works - construction and maintenance of all city-owned or operated assets, including the water supply system, sewer, streets, stormwater, snow removal, street cleaning, street signs, vehicles, buildings, land, etc. Parks and recreation - construction and maintenance of city parks, common areas, parkways, publicly owned land, operation of various recreation programs and facilities Police Fire Emergency medical services Emergency management Accounting/finance - often tax collection, audits Human resources - for city workers General counsel/city attorney/risk management - legal matters such as writing municipal bonds, ensuring city compliance with state and federal law, responding to citizen lawsuits stemming from city actions or inactions. Transportation (varies widely) - if the city has a municipal bus or light rail service, this function may be its own department or it may be folded into the another of the above departments. Information technology - supports computer systems used by city employees; may be also responsible for a city website, phones and other systems. Housing department Municipal court

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