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Election Schedule 2013[1]

[Posted on : 2013-04-11 by Dawood] Malaysias general election is scheduled for May 5, Election Commission chairman Aziz Yusof said. Two campaign period will be allowed.
The United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) is to face a formidable opposition. Which has gained popularity with slogan to end corruption, cronyism and authoritarian rule.
They also showed a high vote in 2008 and shattered the long time ruling party.
On the other hand Prime Minister Najib expects that his government will be after this election on the slogan of steady economic uplift policies.
Let us see who will win and we have not to wait for a long just around 50 days and it will be clear as a day.

Earlier Parliamentary Election

[Posted on : 2013-04-05 by Anwar Ali] Malaysia Assembly has been dissolved by the Prime minister and called for Elections in just two months. This is a bit earlier decision to dissolve assemblies its term is the end in April 2013. He said that this has been done with the consent of the Monarch. He further stated that this election will be very much peaceful. This time there will be a tough competition between the ruling National Front coalition and three-party alliance headed by opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Malaysia’s General Election soon[2]

[Posted on : 2011-08-09 by Muhammad wakil] There are now intense rumours that Najib will call for a snap general election soon. Malaysia’s next general election (the 13th) must be held, latest by 2013.
Reuters has the following story:
“…Malaysia’s reluctance to upset its majority Malay population has led to reversal of government decisions and reform pullbacks that are fuelling talk Prime Minister Najib Razak may be readying for a snap election…”
No doubt, the opposition have also been preparing, with the Islamic party (PAS) being the most impressive while Anwar’s party has been absolutely dismal plagued with infighting. The man himself maybe on his last legs as the government closes down on him through the sodomy case.

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