Pakistan - Punjab Assembly Elections

This election gives all citizens, regardless of wealth, a fair shot to be heard and participate in every step of the democratic process

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In reply Why compulsory voting?

Ok Aneeta, there should be compulsory voting for the betterment of the country. But let me know why people vote to a candidate if they think that none of the contesting candidates is eligible to get their precious vote.
So in my opinion there should be compulsory voting be there must be an option that none of the contestant is eligible. If this opting get maximum votes then all the contesting candidates be disqualified for a period of at least 5 years.
This is the proper way to empower the general public to decide who should rule them. - Posted on : 31-March-2022

Why compulsory voting and Majority Vote to win?

Two days ago it was a ticker on private TV channels quoting chief election commissioner Fakhro Bhai on election reforms for upcoming elections in the country that there will be compulsory voting and Majority vote i.e. a candidate should get more than 50% to win a seat. But later spokes person of CEC had denied about Majority vote.
Both Compulsory voting and Majority vote are necessary to check actual will of the voters. In previous elections about one third of the voters only exercised there vote. If a person don't vote it means he or she is not like to participate in the welfare of the State and Nation. So such persons should be fined at least Rs. 500 for not voting. This will not only enforce voters towards voting but also generate some revenue to fulfill election expenditure.
Secondly Majority vote to win, in previous elections it was observed that due to division of votes in a long number of candidates, some of the winning candidates got as low as 9% of the total registered votes in the constituency. Which is abuse of the peoples mandate. Therefore, it should be majority vote to win in upcoming and all the future elections. It can be done in 2 phase of 2 round voting.
If a candidate gets more than 50% of the polled votes he or she will be declared successful but if none of the candidates in the constituency get more than 50% of the polled votes there should be a 2nd round of the voting between TWO top candidates on the basis of votes they will get. Now one of the candidates will be successful for the said constituency. This second round can be after 3 days of the first round in constituencies where winning candidates can not be decided because of less than 50% votes by any of the candidates. - Posted on : 25-March-2022

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Is Manzoor Watoo failed in Punjab?

Manzoor Watoo had been appointed to head PPP in Punjab to capture the Punjab. But unfortunately PPP not only lost by-elections in Punjab but also now a big number of sitting and ex-members of provincial assembly changed their mind and had joined PML(n). This has been happened against the sayings of Manzoor Watoo that he will dent the PML(n).
It looks that PPP jialas has refused the decision of Party to nominate an ex-PML leader to lead PPP in Punjab or some of the party leaders of PPP in Punjab like to give tough time to Manzoor watoo. - Posted on : 16-February-2013

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