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The Indian opposition criticized the government as top election officials resigned before the vote.

Indias main opposition party has accused the government of "systematically dismantling independent institutions" after the election commissions second-most senior official resigned days before the date for the general election was announced.

Arun Goyals resignation as Election Commissioner on Saturday leaves the Election Commission of India (ECI) with only one of its three top officials in charge of the worlds biggest election with more than 960 million registered voters. Ordered to be held.
The Ministry of Law and Justice said in a statement published in the official gazette that President Draupadi Murmu has accepted Goyals resignation, without giving any reason for his departure.

Goyal, who took over as Election Commissioner in November 2022, is yet to make a public statement on his resignation. The Election Commission spokesperson said that they do not know why Goyal resigned.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is seeking a rare third consecutive term in the general elections due by May. - Posted on : 11-March-2024

2024 Presidential Election Began

The 2024 presidential election began this week in Iowa, with former US President Donald Trump registering a huge victory. Trump established his dominance over the party and prepared for a 2020 rematch with incumbent Joe Biden. The next US presidential election is scheduled for November 5, 2024. - Posted on : 19-January-2024


_‏انتخابی شیڈول۔۔

*_20سے 22 دسمبر تک امیدوار کاغذات نامزدگی جمع کراسکیں گے_*

*_امیدواروں کے ناموں کی فہرست 23دسمبر کو جاری کی جائیگی_*

*_24دسمبر سے 30دسمبر تک کاغذات نامزدگی کی جانچ پڑتال_*

*_3جنوری 2024 کو کاغذات کی منظوری اور مسترد ہونے پر اپیلوں کی سماعت_*

*_10جنوری 2024 کو اپیلوں پر اپیلٹ ٹربیونل کے فیصلوں کا آخری روز_*

*_11جنوری 2024 کو امیدواروں کی نظرثانی فہرست جاری ہو گی_*

*_12جنوری 2024 کو کاغذات نامزدگی واپس لینے کی آخری تاریخ_*

*_13جنوری 2024 کو امیدواروں کو انتخابی نشان الاٹ ہوں گے_*

*_پولنگ ڈے 8 فروری 2024 بروز جمعرات کو ہوگی_* - Posted on : 16-December-2023

Two by-elections in October

Two British parliamentary by-elections will be held in October in a test of how Prime Minister Rishi Sunaks Conservatives fare in the partys heartland and whether opposition Labor is regaining support in Scotland.

The votes will decide replacements for two outgoing lawmakers and are seen as a key electoral test for both major parties ahead of a national election expected next year, with Labor currently ahead in the polls.
On October 19, Sunaks Conservatives will try to retain the seat of Mid Bedfordshire in south-east England, which was vacated by Nadine Dorries, who criticized Sunaks leadership when she formally stepped down last month.

Dorries, an ally of former prime minister Boris Johnson, had announced in June that she would step down but delayed her departure. Votes to replace Johnson, who also resigned as a lawmaker, and two other conservative lawmakers have already taken place.
In those July votes, Sunaks Conservatives lost two strategically important parliamentary seats, but unexpectedly retained Johnsons old constituency in a setback for Labour.

The second by-election to be held in October will be to replace a Scottish National Party (SNP) lawmaker who was kicked out of the party and removed by voters for breaking COVID lockdown rules.

Margaret Ferrier had represented Rutherglen and Hamilton West on the outskirts of Glasgow and the contest to replace her is likely to be held on October 5. The final decision on the date awaits approval from the local council. - Posted on : 09-September-2023

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