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[Posted on : 2014-09-11 by Honda] Whats the link to that blog chris? would like to read.. I think. Thanks by the way. Its good to hear youre getting stonmhieg out of what Im putting out. Belief vs Belief is indeed what causes so much destruction in this world.

The woman calling for Narendra Modi to take responsibility for mass murder[2]

[Posted on : 2014-04-15 by Inder jeet] The wife of a politician asks Narendra Modi, the leading candidate to be the next prime minister to be convicted of inciting mass murder while serving as prime minister during the 2002 Gujarat riots Minutes before he was hacked to death by a Hindu mob, Muslim Ehsan Jafri veteran politician took his phone and dialed past. For tens of neighbors also narrowed at home, it seemed that his only chance. At the other end of the line, Mr. Jafri said, was Narendra Modi, the powerful Indian politician who is expected to become Prime Minister of India next month. In 2002, however, he was the Head of State Mr. Jafri Gujarat minister and probably the only man who could save them from the crowd outside. When Mr. Jafri has completed the telephone conversation, however, he knew they were doomed.

The race in New Delhi s seen as a triangular contest between the ruling Congress Party, the oppositi[3]

[Posted on : 2014-04-11 by Ram Nath] It is late morning on election day , and the crooked alleys of Balli Maran , usually packed , are empty . Fees Pots simmer chai send steam into wells dusty sun that cut the quiet streets . Fatima Begum, 80, wife of the district, has cast his vote . She voted for Kapil Sibal, Minister and the Congress Parliamentary defend his seat here . "I started to vote for the Congress , and die vote for Congress ," he said . As New Delhi goes to polls today , more than 12.7 million voters as Fatima Begum had the opportunity to put his loyalty, dissatisfaction and desire for change on the ballot . This is an important exercise conducted from morning to night to thousands of polling stations in the capital. The challenge is seven seats in the Lok Sabha , the lower house of the Parliament of India. Not much in the seat body 543 - the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh , for example , has 85 seats - but the race in the capital will be closely monitored , as it is considered a triangular contest between the Congress party ruling the opposition Bharatiya Janata party (BJP ) and the Aam Aadmi party reached ( AAP). The turnout in the last national elections in 2009 was relatively low , but after 66 % of Delhi - ites showed to vote for the local legislature , in December, it must be of this round that the three major parties are in a revenge.

Delhi and Uttar Pradesh go to the polls on third day of voting for Indian parliament[4]

[Posted on : 2014-04-11 by Gupta Rai] Millions of people have resorted to vote in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh state primary amid tight security in the first big day of the general elections in India. Outside a polling station in the middle-class neighborhood in South Delhi, six policemen guarding the entrance and asked journalists to keep their distance as a continuous stream of voters arrived. "I feel there are many more options in this election , candidates strong," said Meenu Jha , who arrived with her elderly mother . " But Im also very happy that it is a " none of the above options . This is a good development of the voters. " The police and paramilitary forces were deployed in 14 countries and territories , as the largest democracy in the world has made its third day of voting . The capital of India and parts of infested areas guerrilla insurgency -plagued Jammu and Kashmir and Maoists in central India vote. The election began on April 7 and was spread over nine days in April and May to elect 543 members of the lower house , the Lok Sabha , or the entire population. The votes will be counted May 16

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