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Parliamentary Election[1]

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how to vote at Norwegian parliamentary elections 2013[2]

[Posted on : 2013-07-26 by Jensina] The Election Day of the Norwegian parliamentary elections 2013 is 9 September. On this day polling stations in Bergen will be open from 09.00 until 21.00. Two polling stations in each city borough will also be open from 14.00 until 18.00 on Sunday 8 September.On the Election Days 8 and 9 September you have to vote in the municipality in which you were registered as resident as of 30 June 2013.

Right of vote at the parliamentary elections
In order to be entitled to vote at the Norwegian parliamentary elections you must be:

A Norwegian citizen
You must have turned 18 by the end of the election year
You must be registered, or have been registered, in the National Population Registry as resident in Norway.
In order to vote in the Norwegian parliamentary elections, you must be included on the electoral roll of a municipality.

Duty to provide proof of identity
When you vote you need to provide proof of identity. Examples of proof of identity are passport, driving license or bank card with cardholder’s photo. The proof of identity must show the voter’s name, date of birth and a picture.

Voting card
You will be sent a voting card in the beginning of August. On the voting card you will find information about your closest polling station on Election Day. Bring your voting card when you are going to vote – it will save you time. This year the voting card is part of an information leaflet about the election.

This is how you vote in advance!
In the period from 12 August until 6 September you can vote in advance in any municipality throughout Norway. In Bergen, you can vote in advance at several municipal libraries during the last four weeks before the election. The last two weeks you can also vote in advance in certain shopping malls, institutions of higher education and at NAV Årstad.

Voting in advance at home
If you are unable to cast your vote in a polling station because of illness or disability, you can apply to vote in advance at home. The deadline for applying to vote at home is Wednesday 4 September. Send the application to Valgorganisasjonen / Bystyrets kontor (The Election Organisation / City Council’s Office), or contact us by e-mail or by telephone.

Voting in advance at health and social care institutions
During the period 26 August until 6 September you may vote in advance at several health and social care institutions in the Municipality of Bergen, if this is more convenient for you. The time will be announced by placards at each institution, at the web site of the Municipality and in advertisements in the press.

Norsk stortingsvalg, 2013[3]

[Posted on : 2013-07-26 by Jensina] 2013 parlamentsvalg er planlagt å bli avholdt i Norge den 9. september 2013. Valget i Norge holdes på en mandag i september, vanligvis den andre eller tredje mandag, som bestemmes av kongen (skoleferier i Norge ferdig i midten av august). I dette valget vil bli holdt på den andre mandag. Det er opp til hver enkelt kommune om de vil holde valg dagen før landsdekkende valget.

Valget vil være fjerde for nåværende statsminister i Norge, Jens Stoltenberg. Stoltenberg var tidligere beseiret i 2001 stortingsvalg, men vant både 2005 parlamentsvalget og 2009 stortingsvalg. Det vil være det tredje valget for den rød-grønne koalisjonen, som ble dannet i 2005.

Selv om opposisjonen fikk flere stemmer i forrige valg, fikk den styrende rødgrønne flere seter i parlamentet.

Norwegian parliamentary election, 2013[4]

[Posted on : 2013-07-26 by Jensina] The 2013 parliamentary election is scheduled to be held in Norway on 9 September 2013. Elections in Norway are held on a Monday in September, usually the second or third Monday, as determined by the king (school holidays in Norway finish in mid-August). In this election it will be held on the second Monday. It is up to each municipality if they will hold elections the day before the nation-wide election.

The election will be fourth for current Prime Minister of Norway, Jens Stoltenberg. Stoltenberg was previously defeated in the 2001 parliamentary election, but won both the 2005 parliamentary election and the 2009 parliamentary election. It will be the third election for the Red-Green Coalition, which was formed in 2005.

Although the opposition received more votes in the previous election, the governing Red-Green Coalition obtained more seats in parliament.

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