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Number of voters exceeds 112.3 million in Pakistan: ECP[1]

[Posted on : 2020-08-14 by Ahmed Mobeen kaka] The Pakistan Election Commission (ECP) said on Thursday that the number of registered voters in Pakistan exceeded 112.3 million, 24NewsHD television reported.

The ECP has started work on the outstanding issues of the revision of the voters lists for the local government elections that have been shut down due to the coronavirus.

The PCE tasked all provincial electoral commissioners and the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) with reviewing the voters lists.

The TV station reported that the Election Commission will release updated voters lists of more than 112.3 million voters on September 16.

The ECP said voters will also be able to submit their voting, transfer and precision data before the election calendar is released.

The Election Commission has announced that it will soon launch a voter awareness campaign.

According to the spokesperson for the Punjab Election Commission, the demarcation process has accelerated and, according to the schedule, the boundaries of 25,240 local electoral constituencies will be published until August 21.

The spokesperson also said voters can present their objections from Aug.21 to Sept.4 to nine boundary authorities in the province.

Local bodies elections: Final list of constituencies to be published on Sep 27[2]

[Posted on : 2020-07-24 by Muhammad Ismail Bangash] The Standing Senate Committee on Parliamentary Affairs has been informed that the final list of electoral districts will be released on September 27, 2020 for the holding of local elections.

In a briefing to the Committee, the secretary of the Pakistan Election Commission (ECP) said that “the preliminary list of electoral constituencies will be prepared from July 27 to August 20, 2020, will be published on August 21, and objections may be raised, which will be received before September 9 and the final list will be published before September 27 ".

He said that from that moment, under section 91 (1) of the Punjab Local Government Law, the Election Commission, in consultation with the Punjab provincial government, will announce the dates for the elections of the local government.

However, Senator Musaddiq Masood Malik and Senator Pervez Rashid have expressed concern that the election of local bodies will only be possible if the provincial government makes rules. They said legislation was needed on local government.

Senator Waleed Iqbal said that it was clearly written in the Constitution that the matter was left to provincial legislation. The Secretary of the Electoral Commission informed the Committee that the principle of proportional representation had also been proposed in the Law on Local Government Elections and that, through proportional representation, women and representatives of minorities would be elected at the local level. local.

The Committee was informed that the mandate of the local government of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa expired on August 28, 2019.

Its electoral calendar is similar to that of Punjab, which will be announced after consultation with the provincial government of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

The secretary of the Election Commission told the Committee that the mandate of the local government will end on August 2, 2020 in Sindh province.

Local Bodies Elections In Sindh[3]

[Posted on : 2017-03-10 by Dillanger] Your's is the inltnligeet approach to this issue.

First phase of LB polls in Punjab, Sindh now on Oct 31[4]

[Posted on : 2015-08-25 by Mehr Mehmood Ali] In a statement issued by the ECP, it was announced that both the provinces had requested for a review of the polls schedule in view of the flood situation, involvement of district administration and law-enforcement agencies in the rehabilitation process and maintenance of law and order during Muharramul Haram. The ECP will issue a notification about the first phase on August 26.
In the first phase, the electoral exercise will be held in 12 districts of the Punjab and eight districts of Sindh. The schedule for the second phase will be notified on September 3, whereas the schedule for the third and last phase will be notified on September 21. It is expected that there would be no review of the schedule from now on.
It may be pointed out that the ECP has deleted the districts of Rawalpindi and Attock from the first phase of local bodies elections after criticism from some opposition parties. It was alleged that this was an attempt to appease the ruling PML-N by holding polls in all those districts where the party enjoyed significant support. Now only the district Chakwal of Rawalpindi Division is part of the 12 districts where polls will be held in the first phase.

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