Chile - Presidential Election

This election gives all citizens, regardless of wealth, a fair shot to be heard and participate in every step of the democratic process

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Michelle Bachelet

Four years ago she left the office of the president due to downward popularity ratings. Now, 62 year old, she kicked off her campaign and said that "Its the desire of most Chileans."
As she has spent some time around 2 years heading the UN agency for women, now brought the slogan that there should be tax reform to improve the Chiles troubled education system by "those who earn more, contribute more" to fund required changes in the system. - Posted on : 21-April-2013

Perspective Candidates

Following are the candidates who may contest the upcomming Presidential elections of November 2013:
Andrés Allamand
Michelle Bachelet
Marcel Claude
Marco Enríquez-Ominami
Laurence Golborne
José Antonio Gómez
Tomás Jocelyn-Holt
Roxana Miranda
Claudio Orrego
Franco Parisi
Andrés Velasco - Posted on : 21-April-2013

The presidential election of 2013 in Chile

The presidential election of 2013 in chile is scheduled to be held, as per the Constitutional requirement, on 17 Nov 2013 (Sunday). If the candidates could not secure an absolute majority from the valid votes, then a runoff election is to be held on 15 December 2013.
On the other hand Chilian Constitution prohibits Sebastián Piñera, the incumbent president, from immediate reelection.
It will be the 1st presidential election in Chile in which though voting will not be mandatory but all eligible voters will be automatically enrolled. - Posted on : 18-April-2013

Andrés Velasco

President Michelle Bachelets former Finance Minister Andrés Velasco is one of the candidates in upcoming Presidential Elections to be held in Nov 2013. He says that he is willing to compete. He also declared that he will compete even Bachelets participate in this election. So he has officially launched his pre-candidacy campaign on 16 November 2012 to become new President for the Nation. - Posted on : 18-April-2013

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