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Election gives all citizens, regardless of wealth, a fair shot to be heard and participate in every step of the democratic process


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Following is the list of upcoming election(s) in Afghanistan that will be held in near future. You may click on the election name to view detail about the election of your choice. You may also post updates and your comments on these elections

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Following is the list of previous election(s) in Afghanistan. You may click on the election name to view detail about the election of your choice. You may also post updates and your comments on these elections

House of People

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Presidential Election in Afghanistan

I read your post and wihesd I was good enough to write it - Posted on : 10-March-2017

House of people elections in Afghanistan

Afghanistan election for house of people will be held in this year ie 2016. It wold provide an opportunity to the people of the country to elect their representative. Hopefully people will come out to vote and play their active role in the changing fate of the war affected country. - Posted on : 07-May-2016


How to avert electoral disaster in Afghanistan

The only way for Afghanistan to avert electoral disaster is if the Ghani government and parliament act together to take cohesive and swift action.
In 2014, Afghanistan's presidential election was marred by accusations of fraud. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry intervened and brought together the two candidates, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah, to form what is now the National Unity Government (NUG), with Ghani serving as president and Abdullah as chief executive officer. Though the agreement appeared to be a suitable outcome for two men intent on securing the presidency, the NUG is nothing more than a quick fix that undermines the country's electoral institutions and processes. - Posted on : 01-February-2016

The IEC Announces 2016 Election Date

In a brief press conference on Monday 18 January 2016, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) announced the date for Afghanistan's next vote: 15 October 2016. But the preparations for the elections - for the lower house of parliament and, for the first time, district councils - are complicated by ongoing controversies over the legitimacy of the current IEC, the nature of the electoral reforms that need to precede the elections, as well as who will be organising them and under which amended laws. - Posted on : 20-January-2016


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