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This years election began elairer than any in history (or any that I can remember). Candidates announced their candidacy and started stumping around the country early LAST year! Ive never seen that.One theory for this is that people are so disgusted with Pres. Bush, Democrats and Republicans alike, that they are looking forward to the next president. I dont know if thats true, but its an interesting theory.Well when an election campaign begins so early, there are a lot of changes. Polls change. The list of the issues that people think are most important changes over time, so candidates have to change their direction, change their message. Last year, the Iraq War was the number one issue. Right now its the economy, the war is no. 2. So Democrats are talking about the economy instead of the war.And then, these candidates all campaigned for almost a year before anyone actually had a chance to vote. When the first primary voters did vote, it was a big surprise for everyone. So once again, all the candidates had to fine-tune their campaigns.Sometimes these changes involve some staff turnover. John McCain, a few months ago, was down and out, his staff were all being laid off. Who could have guessed in those days that hed win the New Hampshire Primary? Now hes the Front Runner! 8^O

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