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National Assembly election results of Province 4 made public[1]

[Posted on : 2018-02-09 by Devnand] The results of the National Assembly election for Province 4 has been made public yesterday night. As per the results, five candidates of the left alliance and three candidates of the Nepali Congress have emerged victorious in the province.

Ganesh Timilsina of CPN-UML, Dinanath Sharma of CPN Maoist Centre, and Surendra Pandey of Nepali Congress have been elected under the open category. Pandey of Gorkha received 2,262 votes, Timilsina of Parbat got 1,782 votes while Sharma of Baglung received 1,530 votes in the election. Out of the total 5,772 valid votes, Krishna Adhikari of Rastriya Janamorcha was defeated after receiving 198 votes.
Binda Devi Ale Rana of the Nepali Congress emerged victorious from the women category by receiving 2,274 votes. Similarly, Deepa Gurung and Shanti Adhikari both of CPN-UML emerged victorious by receiving 1,716 and 1,512 votes respectively. Meena Pun of Rastriya Janamorcha lost after receiving 234 votes. A total of 5,736 valid votes were cast under the women category.

According to Election Officer Dipendra Adhikari, in the open category, one vote cast by a Provincial Assembly (PA) member and four votes of local level representatives have been declared invalid. In the women category, one PA member vote and six votes cast by local representatives were declared invalid.

Under Dalit category, Khim Bahadur BK became elected after receiving 3,396 votes. His close competitor was Jeet Bahadur Nepali of Nepali Congress who received 2,298 votes. Under the disabled and minority category, Prakash Pantha of Nepali Congress had already been elected unopposed. UML's Ram Bahadur Thapa had been disqualified from his candidacy under the category due to lack of documentation, after which Pantha had been elected.

As many as 12 members had submitted their candidacies for the eight seats of the National Assembly member from Province 4. A total of 170 members including chiefs and deputy chiefs of the local levels and 60 PA members had cast their votes in the election. Out of the total 230 voters, Rajiv Gurung of Manang did not cast his ballot. There is an arrest warrant issued against him.

A team of three experts from the statistics department had gone to Pokhara for the vote counting under the Single Transferable Voting System (STVS).

Election Officer Adhikari shared that two voting centres had been prepared, one each for local level representatives and PA members to carry out the voting. The voting had been completed around 12:30 pm yesterday while the vote counting had begun after 4:00 pm in the afternoon. The voting took place between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm yesterday.

As many as 3,060 votes were cast by 170 local level chiefs and deputy chiefs at the rate of 18 votes per person. Likewise, a total of 2,880 votes were cast by 60 PA members at the rate of 48 votes per person. 5,940 votes had been cast in total in the province.

EC makes public calendar for National Assembly election[2]

[Posted on : 2018-01-11 by Devnand] The Election Commission (EC) on Wednesday made public the election calendar for the National Assembly elections. The election will be held on February 7.
According to the election calendar, the voting for the upper house will be conducted at the High Court in all the provinces. The voting will be held from 10 am to 3 pm on January 29.

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