Mcain and Obama

i dont know it scares the crap out of me tnnikihg that the next Vp might take the bible litteraly (palin) i like mcain and i like obama.. but im scared if palin becomes president what will happen( maybe if she had taught her daughter about the birds and the bees she wouldnt be a teenage preggo) but anyways hopefuly she changed her mind on the no sex education to middle schoolers i dont think religion should have anything to do with politics..a man going off pure logic and insight has a better plan for running this country than a man who putts all faith in god.. -sorry christiansReferences : take iran for example very dangerous and unpredictable becasue there leader believes in god(allah_same difference).. if we had left sadam(athiest) in iraq then iran would have stayed back and in there place but now with sadam (who iran feared) out of power i predict iran will ruin the middle east

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