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PM pledges help for struggling firms after Brexit

The PM said being free of EU rules on state aid would make it quicker to intervene, and bring in "buy British" guidelines for public bodies.
He added that an Australian-style immigration system would be in place in place by 1 January, 2021.
But Labour criticised the Tories past record of supporting industry.
Shadow transport secretary Andy McDonald said the prime ministers promise on state aid rules "sticks in his throat".
He said the Conservatives had "sat on their hands and used state aid as an excuse" when refusing to intervene to save a steel works in his Teesside constituency in 2015. - Posted on : 01-December-2019

Labour launches regional manifestos in England

The party launched regional manifestos for each part of the country on Friday, including pledges on transport, housing and jobs.
Shadow chancellor John McDonnell said the announcement would "bring our country back together".
But Tory minister Jake Berry said it was "a clear distraction from Corbyns failure to set out a Brexit plan".
Launching the manifestos in the East Midlands, shadow transport secretary Andy McDonald said the plans would "make sure we deal with the climate crisis", but "harness opportunities at the same time". - Posted on : 01-December-2019

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Is Labours plan to plant 2bn trees realistic?

Experts at the Woodland Trust say overshooting the planting target will be necessary given annual losses and threats to existing woodland and hedgerows – including everything from Network Rail clearing trees from sidelines, or the removal of around 5,500 trees from Sheffield by the council.
But, they say, planting trees is not the only requirement. "On one side, you need expansion, but you also need to protect the natural regeneration of trees and woodlands, to stop inappropriate development and to understand more about pests and diseases," such as the devastating ash dieback which is a danger to 120m trees, said a spokesman for the trust.
It is currently fighting around 1,000 cases of threats to ancient woodland, 108 of these from HS2. - Posted on : 30-November-2019

2019 United Kingdom general election

The 2019 United Kingdom general election is scheduled to be held on 12 December 2019. It is to be held under the provisions of the Early Parliamentary General Election Act 2019, two and a half years after the previous general election in June 2017.
The 2019 election is due to be the first UK general election to be held in December since 1923, and was arranged at short notice in late October. Each parliamentary constituency of the United Kingdom elects one Member of Parliament (MP) to the House of Commons using the first-past-the-post voting system. This indirectly elects the government, which is formed by a party or coalition of parties that can command the confidence of a majority of MPs in the Commons. Both majority and minority governments are possible election outcomes. - Posted on : 29-November-2019

House of Commons

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