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This election gives all citizens, regardless of wealth, a fair shot to be heard and participate in every step of the democratic process

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It must be made clear when UK ministers are just English ones

I HAVE been reading about this brainwashing exercise called One Britain One Nation Day since it first came to the public attention on Wednesday morning and have made comments online in a news forum.

Some little Englanders don’t seem to be very pleased that education is a devolved matter to Scotland and Wales. I have even come in for criticism because I stated that the United Kingdom isn’t one country but three separate countries and a province. They of course have the temerity to say that Scottish education is lagging behind that of England! - Posted on : 26-June-2021

Parties in final day of campaign

Wales political parties made their final pitches to voters on Wednesday as the Senedd election campaign came to a close.

Party leaders campaigned in key seats in north, south and mid Wales.

UK Conservative Chancellor Rishi Sunak visited Rhyl in north Wales while Labour leader Mark Drakeford headed to Barry in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price focused on Llanelli while the Welsh Lib Dems Jane Dodds visited Ystradgynlais.

Voting will begin at 07:00 BST on Thursday, with counting not taking place until Friday because of the pandemic. - Posted on : 06-May-2021

2400Wh/1000W Massive Capacity

What is the Welsh government?

The Welsh government was set up in 1999, following a referendum.

It was created to give more power over key issues to the Welsh people.

It runs health, education, local government, transport, housing, economic development, social services, culture, Welsh language policy, agriculture and other public services.

It is in charge of much of the Covid-19 response in Wales, and also controls some taxes.

Members of the Senedd vote on laws, pass the Welsh governments plans to spend money on public services and keep an eye on what ministers are doing.

The Senedd is based in Cardiff and is separate from the House of Commons in London, which makes laws covering the whole of the UK.

It was known as the National Assembly for Wales until last May. - Posted on : 31-March-2021

Single member constituency voting systems

These systems all elect a single representative from a constituency. Under First Past the Post (FPTP) voters cast a single vote for their chosen candidate; the candidate with most votes wins. Under Alternative Vote (AV), voters rank candidates in order of preference. Candidates are elected outright if they gain more than half the votes as first preferences. If not, the bottom candidate is eliminated and their votes re-allocated to the second preference marked on the ballot papers. This process continues until one candidate has more half of the votes and is elected. Supplementary Vote (SV) is an abbreviated variant of AV. Under SV, there are two columns on the ballot paper – one for voters’ first choice and another for their second choice. The count follows a similar procedure to AV. For our purposes here SV and AV can be treated as similar. - Posted on : 01-December-2020

The Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party

Mr Bevan said: "I founded the party in 2015 to Abolish the Welsh Assembly with the intention of standing candidates from a cross-section of society who do not have their own political ambitions.

"The movement to Abolish the Welsh Assembly is a principled aim for those who believe the Assembly has not been good for the Welsh people."

The Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party has never won a seat in a Welsh election but has two members of the Senedd (MSs) - former UKIP representatives Mark Reckless and Gareth Bennett.

It won 4.4% of the regional list vote at the 2016 Senedd election. - Posted on : 23-November-2020

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