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By Election in UC 40

[Posted on : 2020-01-04 by Saboor Khan] ECP has announced that By-election in UC 40 (I-8), Islamabad will be held on 11th january 2020. Please come to vote your candidate. When we vote in the election it brings good representatives in bodies to work for our facilities.

PTI decides to hold local polls in Punjab, K-P[1]

[Posted on : 2019-10-20 by Sehba Munir] A meeting of the core committee of the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) decided on Wednesday to hold local bodies elections in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in order to redress the public grievance at their doorsteps.

Prime Minister Imran Khan chaired the meeting, which discussed matters pertaining to economy as well as the situation in occupied Kashmir were discussed. The prime minister took the participants into confidence over his recent visits to Saudi Arabia, Iran and China.

During the meeting, Imran told the participants that the local governments had a vital role in promoting good governance in the provinces. "We will resolve peoples problems at their doorsteps by holding local elections," he said.

LB polls not in sight as govt fails to make delimitation rules[2]

[Posted on : 2019-10-15 by Sehba Munir] Sources told Dawn that the local government department had put up the delimitation rules to the chief minister on Oct 4 but they had yet to be approved.

Under Section 219(4) of the Elections Act, 2017, the Election Commission of Pakistan is bound to hold elections within 120 days of the completion of the term of local bodies in provinces, cantonment areas and Islamabad Capital Territory.

Also, it binds the ECP to announce the election schedule in consultation with the federal or relevant provincial government.

The last local government setup in KP was dissolved on Aug 28, so elections for the next local bodies are to be held by Dec 27 under the law.

Sources said the delimitation rules would be presented before the provincial cabinet for approval after the chief minister okayed them.

By-elections in four Islamabad UCs on Nov 2[3]

[Posted on : 2019-10-05 by Saboor Khan] The PTI won three out of the four union councils – I-8, F-10/F-11 and Tumair – in the capital’s first even local government elections in November 2015. The four union council, Badhana Kalan, was won by a candidate from the PML-N.

The PML-N won 21 of the capital’s 50 union councils in 2015, while the PTI won 17. Another 11 independent union council chairmen also joined the PML-N, giving the party easy victories in the election ofthe city’s mayor and deputy mayors.
Sources said the PTI and PML-N are trying to field strong candidates in Badhana Kalan. Pundits said that the PTI would not have a problem winning the vice chairman election in union council 46, as the party is in a better position in this union council than the PML-N, which is struggling to find a suitable candidate.

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