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This election gives all citizens, regardless of wealth, a fair shot to be heard and participate in every step of the democratic process

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In 1906 Finlands national assembly, Eduskunta in Finnish, became the first parliament in the world to adopt full gender equality. It earned that distinction by granting equally to all men and women the right not only to vote but also to stand for election.
The Finnish Parliament celebrated its centenary in 2006 and 2007. Why did the anniversary cover two different years? Universal and equal suffrage was enacted in Finland in 1906, and the first elections for the new unicameral Parliament were held in 1907.
At that time Finland was still an autonomous Grand Duchy of the Russian empire, but it became independent ten years later, in 1917. Since that time the country has lived through two world wars and the Cold War, and become a member of the European Union. - Posted on : 18-March-2019

Eduskunta : The Parliament of Finland

The supreme decision-making authority in Finland is exercised by Parliament. Parliament enacts legislation, approves the state budget, ratiļ¬es international treaties and oversees the Government.

Finnish parliament is unicameral and has 200 members. - Posted on : 08-March-2019

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Government resigns over failed healthcare reforms

Finlands entire government has resigned after it failed to reform the countrys healthcare system, one of its key policies.

The announcement came on Friday from the Finnish presidents office.

Prime Minister Juha Sipilas resignation was approved but the president has asked his cabinet to stay on as a caretaker government until a new one is appointed.

The collapse comes just one month before parliamentary elections are to be held after Sipila failed to push through the reforms.

The changes were crucial for the three-party ruling coalitions plans to balance public finances. - Posted on : 08-March-2019

Climate protesters climb Finnish Parliament House pillars

Members of several Finnish environmental groups demonstrated at the Finnish Parliament on 6 March. Eight protesters were detained after scaling the giant stone columns.
An array of environmental NGOS carried out a protest in Helsinki on Wednesday to call attention to climate concerns. An estimated 250 people gathered on the steps of the Finnish Parliament. Eight people climbed the Parliament Houses massive granite columns in Greenpeace overalls as part of the protest.
They were detained on charges of disrupting the peace and insubordination, but released later in the afternoon.

Law enforcement told Yle earlier that it did not have plans to remove the climbers from the pillars, as it wished to avoid any dangerous incidents.

Other groups taking part included the Finnish Nature League, Friends of the Earth, Extinction Rebellion, Climate Parents Finland and the performance art group Ilmastokirkko (Climate Church). - Posted on : 06-March-2019

Finnish Parliament calls unexpected timeout on civilian and military intelligence laws

THE FINNISH PARLIAMENT surprised many by announcing only hours before its plenary session yesterday afternoon that the bill for new civilian and military intelligence laws has been taken off the agenda of the session.
Members of the Parliament were to debate the long-discussed legislative project based on a statement drafted by the Parliament’s Administration Committee.
The Administration Committee, however, decided to withdraw the bill from the agenda following the emergence of concerns that it had neglected to take into account observations made about the bill for civilian intelligence laws by the Parliament’s Constitutional Law Committee. - Posted on : 14-February-2019

2019 Finnish parliamentary election

The 2019 Finnish parliamentary election is scheduled to be held on 14 April 2019.
The working committee, consisting of the party secretaries of all parliamentary parties, suggested in May 2017 that the parliamentary election should be organized simultaneously with the European Parliament election. However, the suggestion has not yet seen enough parliamentary support to pass and is currently under consideration of the Minister of Justice Antti Häkkänen. - Posted on : 02-January-2019

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