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Cantt Boards in Pakistan are local governing bodies that oversee and manage the administration and development of cantonment areas. Cantonments are military areas or garrisons established by the armed forces for the accommodation and welfare of military personnel and their families. Cantt Boards are responsible for various civic functions within their respective cantonment areas, including sanitation, water supply, roads and infrastructure maintenance, land management, healthcare, education, and other municipal services. They work in collaboration with the military authorities to ensure the well-being and quality of life for the residents of cantonments. The composition and structure of Cantt Boards vary across different cantonment areas. Typically, the Cantt Boards consist of elected members, including civilian representatives and military personnel, along with ex-officio members such as the Station Commander or a military representative. The elected members are chosen through local bodies elections held periodically. The exact details and functions of Cantt Boards can vary depending on the specific cantonment area. Each Cantt Board operates under the jurisdiction of the respective Cantonment Board Act applicable to that area.

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Polls for Cantonment Boards will be in September 2021

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has Friday announced the dates for pending local bodies elections in cantonment boards across the country, ARY News reported.

The polls will take place on September 9 while the day bracket to file nominations is set at July 26- to 29, ECP said.
ECP underlined the fact that the new constituencies of cantonment boards were carried out only in recent months. - Posted on : 27-June-2021

LHC restores cantonment boards across country

After the restoration of Punjabs local bodies by the Supreme Court, the Lahore High Court has also restored the cantonment boards across the country.

In October last year, the Military Lands and Cantonments, citing a federal cabinet decision, dissolved elected boards of 44 cantonments, replacing them with mini-boards.

The notification of the federal government was challenged in the Lahore High Court (LHC) by Malik Munir Ahmad and Raja Irfan Imtiaz, the vice presidents of Rawalpindi and Chaklala cantonment boards, respectively through Advocate Razzaq A Mirza.

Justice Shahid Jamil of the LHC Rawalpindi bench had reserved the verdict after hearing the views of the lawyers of the petitioners and the government as well as the Election Commission of Pakistan. - Posted on : 07-April-2021

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