Tajikistan sets presidential election for November 6

Tajikistan is the parliament Friday called presidential elections of November 6, which should extend President Imomali Rakhmon more than two decades of governance for Central Asia country to reach by 2020. Rakhmon, the 60 year old former state farm director, presided over the Muslim nation of 8 million people since soon after the collapse of the Soviet Union and its Moscow-backed forces 1992-97 won a war against the Islamist opposition. His opponents were able to find and indifference is widespread, making it likely that hes running for a new term and win elections, especially as he enjoys a coverage state media, although the levels of poverty high. The West has criticized his record for Democracy and elections in Tajikistan fail to meet democratic standards. Rakhmon oversaw the constitutional amendments which increased the number and length of terms can be president. He won a presidential election in 2006, with 79.3% of the vote, but if he wins a new seven-year term, will be his last under the constitution. Tajikistan, which extends in a heroin trafficking way out of neighboring Afghanistan, remains the poorest of the former Soviet republics. Many Tajiks fled to Russia, send remittances that help keep afloat the shaky economy. In July last year Rakhmon sent troops and armor to restore order and the restless Gorno-Badakhshan region in eastern Tajikistan after the supporters of a former warlord killed a general security services, undermining the authority of the President .

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