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Success in Chicagos mayoral election emboldened American progressives

The choice of Brandon Johnson as the next mayor of Chicago, Illinois, has shocked progressives, according to experts who see the race as a referendum on the future of the Democratic Party.

"People saw the results coming in and could hardly believe it," Illinois state senator and Democrat Robert Peters, who represents Chicagos 13th district, told Al Jazeera. "Its a testament to how far weve come in building a multi-generational working-class coalition."
Once seen as a long-shot candidate, the progressive Johnson ran in the runoff against Paul Velas, a conservative Democrat who pushed for a tough message on crime and support for law enforcement groups. announced.

But Johnson, a former teacher and union organizer, won 51.42 percent of the vote to Valas 48.58 percent, which he conceded Wednesday.

The election highlighted a split in the Democratic Party, with the emerging progressive movement fighting for support against the establishment wing of the party.

Experts say Vallas platform reflects concerns that Democrats could be seen as "soft on crime," a common criticism from Republicans who have blamed a rise in violent crime during the COVID-19 pandemic. refers to

Velas counts the citys Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) among his supporters. During his campaign, he vowed to expand the citys policing, saying that Chicago had experienced a "total breakdown in law and order" in recent years.

Johnson, meanwhile, is campaigning on a more progressive platform. He advocates for criminal justice reform, including increased police accountability and greater investment in public and mental health services.

He also credits support from labor groups such as the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) and US Senator Bernie Sanders, a leading progressive voice.

But Johnsons campaign has been dogged by accusations that he would "defend the police," calls that came after the 2020 killing of George Floyd, a black man who was strangled by an officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. But he died after kneeling. - Posted on : 10-April-2023

Karen Bass is elected mayor, becoming the first woman to lead L.A.

Representative Karen Bass defeated businessman Rick Caruso in the mayoral election of Los Angeles, the Associated Press forecasts reported on Wednesday, making her the first woman and second Black Angeleno elected leader in the citys 241-year history.
The 69-year-old congressman was on his way to victory even though Caruso had spent more than $100 million of his own fortune running for mayor, breaking local spending records and pumping unprecedented sums into TV coverage and advertising.

"The people of Los Angeles have sent a clear message: this is the time for change and this is the time for urgency," Bass said in a Wednesday statement. He found out about it at the congressional offices in Los Angeles.

He said his message to the city was a promise to "end homelessness", "crime prevention and rapid response", and make Los Angeles accessible to working families. - Posted on : 16-November-2022

The LA Times supports Bass in the Los Angeles mayoral election

The Los Angeles Times editorial board said Thursday it would support Rep. Karen Bass over fellow Democratic Los Angeles mayoral candidate Rick Caruso with less than a month until Election Day.

The editorial staff that supported Bass during the primary said they would continue to do so, noting his work in both the California State Assembly and Congress. The newspaper also noted how Bass attempted to engage with the community after leaked recordings showed three members of the Los Angeles City Council making racist remarks, shaking the city.
“Bass is already doing his job trying to repair the damage done by the leaked racist statements made by councilors Nura Martinez, Kevin de León and Gil Cedillo during a private meeting last year with Los Angeles County Federation of Labor leaders. . Ron Herrera," wrote the editorial office.

“On Tuesday, he called a meeting for community leaders and elected officials to begin voicing the concerns expressed in the video and to strengthen the multiracial coalition that the scandal could shatter. City leaders cannot work together to solve problems without shared trust, understanding and mission.”
The article also argued that Bass had shown an ability to conform to his party members, including while working to reform the congressional police force and cut educational and social programs that he had previously advocated during the Great Recession.

Bass thanked the newspaper for their support on Twitter.

The Los Angeles mayoral race fell to Bass and Caruso after neither was able to win outright, receiving more than 50 percent of the vote in Junes nonpartisan primaries. - Posted on : 23-October-2022

1st gubernatorial debate Sept. 28

The first of two gubernatorial debates between Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy and former Republican Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli is set for Sept. 28.

The debate will be held at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark and air live at 7 p.m. on WABC-TV, WPVI-TV and will be streamed online at NJ.com.

“This debate comes on the heels of a deadly pandemic, a renewed push for social justice and a contentious presidential election,” John Schreiber, president and CEO of the NJ PAC, said in a statement. - Posted on : 01-August-2021

saddest days in American history

January 6 was one of the saddest days in American history. An incumbent president has incited a crowd of his supporters to attack the United States Capitol, where the Senate and the House of Representatives met in the constitutionally required joint session to count the votes of the constituency. Donald Trumps clear intention in urging this act of violence against the final act of the 2020 presidential election was to stop the counting procedure, thus gaining more time to escape the otherwise unavoidable election result.

This is as shameful as it sounds, but still its just one in a long line of embarrassing Trump acts before, during and after the November election. He lied repeatedly about what happened in those elections, convincing millions of honest and honest people that his opponents committed systematic fraud, in effect deceiving his own supporters. If there is evidence of this fraud, Trump has not yet turned it over to any federal or state judicial or administrative court. According to him, the anti-Trump conspiracy is so vast and so successful that it has left no evidence. Either that, or his campaign had the worst team of lawyers in Anglo-American legal history. - Posted on : 09-January-2021

Primary of New York City mayoral election

The 2021 New York City mayoral election will consist of primary on June 22, 202. Journalists and political commentators have predicted several potential candidates, including 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang, Congressman Max Rose, President of the borough of Brooklyn, Eric Adams, and New York City controller Scott Stringer. [2] [3] However, as of the summer of 2020, many candidates had declared themselves for the two main parties, and most of them were first-time candidates who had never held political office, rather be elected officials. By the fall of 2020, Adams and Stringer had officially declared their respective nominations, along with a large number of other prominent members of New York Citys business and political communities. - Posted on : 09-January-2021

Kamala Harris v Mike Pence: Who won the VP debate?

Vice-presidential debates seldom shake up presidential races, and the face-off between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence on Wednesday night seems destined to be no different.

Both candidates had strong moments, and a few stumbles, over the course of the 90-minute affair. But as far as lasting memories go, they were few and far between.

If this was a match that showcased the futures of the Democratic and Republican parties, the real fireworks will have to wait for the coming years.

An unmemorable result, in and of itself, is good news for the Democrats and Joe Biden, who polls suggest are leading in the race. One more campaign set-piece in the books, and one step closer to election day. These are my takeaways from the debate. - Posted on : 11-October-2020

Where does Joe Biden stand on key issues?

As the US faces challenges from coronavirus to racial inequity, his pitch is to create new economic opportunities for workers, restore environmental protections and healthcare rights, and international alliances.
Mr Bidens approach to tackling coronavirus, the most immediate and obvious challenge facing the country, is to provide free testing for all and hire 100,000 people to set up a national contact-tracing programme.

He says he wants to establish at least 10 testing centres in every state, call upon federal agencies to deploy resources and give firmer national guidance through federal experts. He says all governors should mandate wearing masks.
Mr Bidens broader economic policies, dubbed his "Build Back Better" plan, tries to please two constituencies that traditionally support Democrats - young people and blue collar workers.

He supports raising the federal minimum wage to $15 (£11.50) an hour - a measure that is popular among young people and that has become something of a totem figure for the party in 2020, and a sign of its move to the left. He also wants a $2tn investment in green energy, arguing that boosting green manufacturing helps working class union workers, who perform most of those jobs.
On criminal justice, he has moved far from his much-criticised "tough-on-crime" position of the 1990s. Mr Biden has now proposed policies to reduce incarceration, address race, gender and income-based disparities in the justice system, and rehabilitate released prisoners. He would now create a $20bn grant programme to incentivise states to invest in incarceration reduction efforts, eliminate mandatory minimum sentences, decriminalise marijuana and expunge prior cannabis convictions, and end the death penalty.
Though he does not embrace the Green New Deal - a climate and jobs package put forward by the left wing of his party - he is proposing a $1.7tn federal investment in green technologies research, some of which overlaps with the funding in his economics plan, to be spent over the next 10 years, and wants the US to reach net zero emissions by 2050 - a commitment that was made by more than 60 other countries last year. China and India, the two other biggest carbon emitters, have yet to join the pledge. The investments dovetail with his economic plan to create jobs in manufacturing "green energy" products. - Posted on : 10-October-2020

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