PTI prevails in LA-16

On July 29, PTI won the LA-16 Bagh 3 seat of the AJKLA, whose results were withheld for re-polling on four polling stations, after clashes brought polling to a halt on July 25.

According to unofficial results, PTI candidate Sardar Mir Akbar bagged 23,561 votes, whereas PPPs Sardar Qamar uz Zaman obtained 23,267 votes — a difference of a mere 294 votes.

Of the total 939 votes cast by government employees, PTI received 396, whereas PPP got 421. - Posted on : 03-August-2021

Chuhdary Muhammad Aziz

LA16-Bagh 4
tum surharu ho ge tum jo kro hosla
jito ge tum sada hay ye apni dua
par tum jeeto ya haro suno
hamein tum se piyar hay - Posted on : 08-May-2016