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Hillary s campaign

[Posted on : 2014-09-18 by Margrate] Hillarys campaign stetrad a year ago ! If it took her 12 months to only beat Obama by 3% she is going to need more time than that to beat Obama ! She had too many of her supporters` bussed in from surrounding states to vote , which is evidently legal in New Hampshire ! There is no other explanation how she overcomes a 12 % deficit in 48 hours !

Senate in United States[1]

[Posted on : 2014-09-11 by Alexa] I would like to see a public iurinqy into how all this got started. Did Chretien & Co. order the RCMP to smear Mulroney. Was there a payoff to the liberals from Boeing for orchestrating the smear? What other uses to the Liberals make of the RCMP, Tax Dept, Justice Dept to advance their own agenda? What current liberal MPs were staffers, student volunteers, relatives, or neighbours of members of the Chretien government?

Democrats Push to Pass Minimum Wage Hike Ahead of 2014 Elections[2]

[Posted on : 2014-04-30 by Petrick Garshia] President Barack Obama has promised to increase the federal minimum wage during his State of the Union speech in January and now Senate Democrats are taking the draft plan for the vote. The motivation for the Democrats , however, goes well beyond the increase in the standard of living of millions of Americans . They see it as an opportunity to shore up his base before the midterm elections that are expected to go down to the wire. Senate is expected to vote Wednesday on a measure that consistently increase the federal minimum wage of $ 7.25 an hour to $ 10.10 in the coming years and future salary increases linked to inflation . But throughout the show , it is unlikely that the measure can pass a procedural hurdle in the Senate. DOA And even if I could, it is likely that the Republican- controlled House of Representatives. However , the Democrats are going ahead with a vote in the hope that the electoral impact of the minimum wage controversial vote could help them capitalize on the ballot in November. For Democrats , the minimum wage in Washington push is part of a one-year campaign to establish a strong economic contrast between Republicans and Democrats on economic issues. But Democrats successfully with the minimum wage , however, will fall or not voters are paying attention this early in the game .

Republican Odds of U.S. Senate Takeover Rise as Turnout Shrinks[3]

[Posted on : 2014-04-15 by Nancy Smith] A decrease in participation is the greatest threat to the Democrats in 2014 midterms when voters were older and white trend, two ridings his party did not win the last election. This group of potentially hostile voters comes amid other signs of trouble for the Democrats. In October, the partisan political analysts had not only a race with incumbent Democratic Senator Mark Pryor of Arkansas, classified as a "toss -up" ; five of these competitions now have this classification. Silver output groups as a committee founded by billionaire brothers Charles and David industrialist Koch, contributed to the most competitive Senate races , plowing money into ads targeted vulnerable Democrats. Add Finally, a factor that political strategists call "the environment" , Obama suffers in public approval delayed , the economy of the nation is undergoing a slow recovery , and polls show voters share roughly the party candidates are likely in November.

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